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At Medha, we understand that work environment and company culture contribute to a great extent in the progress of each employee’s career aspirations and the growth of the organisation. We work hard every day to provide an environment where our employees can lead a life in a friendly atmosphere, believe in being the best and work with freedom.

We believe that job satisfaction comes from achieving individual’s and group’s goals at work. To keep our employees motivated and satisfied at work, we assess them based on their contribution to the success of the organisation. We believe that all R&D engineers should have complete understanding of the project and not work in silos knowing only a small piece of the puzzle. To this extent all engineers irrespective of their current job function are encouraged to think as systems engineers about each product development. At Medha, our R&D employees get to see the entire product development life cycle. For every project, once an R&D team is selected, the team goes through the entire process of idea generation, concept design, product engineering and see the product manufactured in-house and tested for quality. The same team of engineers then has an opportunity to see the product used in the field and improve it based on customer feedback.

In the end who better to speak about Life at Medha than its employees! We’ve asked our employees to talk about their experiences of working at Medha. Read ahead to learn about their life at Medha.

"Most of us have a dream to work in a company where an employer can provide the right atmosphere and career growth along with day-to-day improvement in technology and employee benefits. Working at Medha for the past 23 years, my enjoyable experience includes benefits I received like Best Performance Awards, gold coin for successful completion of one decade, allotment of apartment through Housing Scheme, project incentives, Royalty Schemes and many more. Medha is a company where we all have an opportunity to experience self development, encouragement and motivation from the management. When I first joined Medha my thoughts towards Medha were different, but after working with Medha my perception has changed, I could see the environment that is stimulating with high levels of motivation, empowerment and recognition. My friends and relatives asked me why I am staying with the same company for so many years since it’s not even an MNC, and my answer has always been “cool man... when our hard work and contribution never go unnoticed, when there is always scope for improvement in my career, when my compensation package has always been taken care of compared to the market value and the most touching part when all the employees at Medha feel like one family, there is no need to leave Medha”. Finally, it’s great working with Medha and I am proud to be a Medhan." - Shashi Bhushan, Jr. General Manager (R&D).

"With this testimonial I wish to express how my life has changed from the day I joined Medha. It’s been 13 years since I joined the company and each day competing against the market giants, my life has definitely taken a new turn. With a wonderful environment, excellent colleagues and wise superiors, I have come to believe that there is hardly a situation that can deter us from believing "We Will Be the Best". With each passing challenge grows in me the confidence, the happiness of achieving something and the pride of being in Medha. Each time I share my experiences of working in the best environment, with the best team, with the latest technology and against the market giants, I certainly feel elated of being in Medha and each listener does mention to me about the change I have endured in this period of working in Medha. One thing I know for sure is that the day is not far off when we all will shout together, "We are the World’s Leader in Railway Products". - Ajay Kumar, Manager (R&D)

"Medha is among one of the few companies I have seen, where you have unlimited things to learn on technical horizon. At Medha, you have an opportunity to learn and work on whole product life cycle, which is very rare. Normally in most companies, firmware team does only firmware and hardware team does only hardware, but in Medha both these teams work side by side. Here, all employees can freely express their suggestions about improvement of products to their seniors and it is very much encouraged by company management. We are provided with ample facilities, freedom of choosing components, and freedom to experiment our ideas, while developing products. Work environment in Medha is very friendly, you can discuss technical issues with your seniors and colleagues and they are very happy to help you. For me getting job satisfaction is the most important thing, which I am getting here at Medha with every bit of my time." - Ranjeet Singh, Jr. General Manager (R&D)

Vision & Mission

To be World Leader in Railway Products

Enjoying Innovation and Applying Technology for improving the lives of people.
Enhancing the image of India in the world, in high technology.

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