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Medha's MEP system, introduced in year 2002, uses advanced technology and has proven track record of working on over 3000 locomotives (many more every year). These systems are deployed on both new built locomotives and as retrofit options (either during major overhauls or during scheduled maintenance down times).

System Functions

Medha's MEP system is a microprocessor based modular computer system that controls all aspects of the locomotive and provide extensive fault  diagnostics.  Major  functions  of  MEP  include:  Engine  control, Excitation  control,  Propulsion  control,  Wheel  slip  control,  Auxiliary controls, protections and fault diagnostics.


  • Constant  Gross  Horse  Power  based  excitation  system  always maintain steady load on engine while ensuring maximum power availability for traction
  • User-programmable  settings  (through  laptop)  allow  easy customization  to  work  with  various  makes  and  models  of  loco- motives,  with  different  combinations  of  traction  equipment  for varying capacities
  • Option to select either VFD display with menu selection or TFT LCD display with graphical user interface
  • Various auto and manual test modes, including load box, auto test for relays, manual test of inputs and outputs, self load test, meters test, excitation test, radiator fan tests and more are available
  • Extensive fault diagnostics (over 250 different faults) and tolerance features with fault data pack recording for several seconds during fault occurrence. Fault data log can be downloaded to a laptop or USB pen drive
  • In-built  Event  Recorder  capability  to  store  event  based  data  for accident or specific event analysis


  • Improved adhesion and locomotive haulage capacity
  • Creep control using individual axle speeds for improved adhesion
  • Upto  30%  increase  in  adhesion  compared  to  older  analog excitation systems Increased life of traction equipment
  • Thermal  modeling  of  traction  motor  to  protect  from  high temperature failures
  • Protection of Engine, Alternator, Exciter and other equipment by ensuring their operation within threshold limits. Reliability, Availability and lower maintenance
  • Failure prone switch gear is reduced to improve reliability
  • Extensive fault diagnostics with data logs during fault occurrence to analyze  off-line  the  root  cause  of  failures.  In  effect  locomotive down-time is reduced.
  • Digital controls ensure that no circuits need tuning or scheduled maintenance.
  • In-built fault tolerance to ensure continued operation with reduced capabilities in certain failure modes
  • Most  components  are  line  replaceable  (in  case  of  failures)  due to modular design

MEP is an enabling system for following additional features:
(see respective product details for each option)

  • Remote monitoring of locomotives
  • Distributed Power Control
  • TFT LCD Driver’s Displays
  • Automatic Engine shut-down and APU
  • Guidance for Optimized Locomotive Driving (GOLD)
  • Fuel Level Sensor (FLS)
  • Common Rail Electronic Direct Injection (CReDI)


Out-of-frame rebuilding of scrapped locomotives

  • 2600 HP (meter gauge), dual air-conditioned cabs, 1800 rpm fuel efficient CRDi engine, alternator with rectifier, DC traction motors, UIC compliant brake system, microprocessor controls, TFT LCD driver console, CAN interface with engine control unit
  • 3000 HP (cape gauge), GE engine and alternator, DC traction, advanced controls, TFT LCD displays, remote monitoring


New Locomotive/ modernization with microprocessor control implementation, additional features including event recording, vigilance control, remote monitoring, fuel level sensing etc.

  • 2600 HP3000 HP (standard gauge), GT26CW, EMD engine and turbocharger, alternator with rectifier, companion alternator, DC traction motors
  • 2200 HP (standard gauge), GT26, EMD engine, without turbocharger, alternator with rectifier, companion alternator, DC traction motors
  • 1250 HP (meter gauge), YDM4, 1050 RPM engine with 8 inline cylinders, alternator with rectifier, exciter, auxiliary alternator, DC traction motors
  • 3000 HP locomotive with gauge change (cape gauge), WDG series, 1050 RPM, 16 cylinder engine, alternator with rectifier, exciter, auxiliary alternator, DC traction motors
  • 3000 HP, 3100 HP, 3300 HP and 3600 HP locomotives (wide gauge), WDM, WDG and WDS series, 1050 rpm ALCo (similar to GE7FDL) engine, 12 and 16 cylinders in V configuration, alternator with rectifier, exciter, auxiliary alternator, DC traction motors


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