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CRDI system includes Engine Control Unit, Fuel Injectors, High Pressure Pumps and various Sensors.

Pump driven by camshaft provides high pressure fuel to all injectors. This pressure level is controlled by ECU depending upon operating speed/power. Each injector has a solenoid valve to accurately control the fuel injection start and duration. ECU controls these parameters based on operating conditions like speed, power, load, Boost Air Pressure, Coolant Temperature etc. This continuous optimization based on various operating conditions is done to reduce fuel consumption and at the same time reduce emissions. In Mechanical fuel injection system, it is not possible to independently control injection start and duration for different operating speeds/powers.

Independent control of injectors offers additional benefits which are not possible with Mechanical injection system. Cylinder skipping, whereby only some cylinders will be injected with fuel at lower notches/powers, so that fuel combustion is more efficient hence reducing fuel consumption. Multiple injections (such as pre, main and post injections) reduces harmful emissions such as NOx.

Notch commands from Locomotive computer are received by ECU and converted to the desired engine speed command. Actual engine speed and crankshaft angle are measured. Fined tuned PID control ensures that the desired speed is achieved by controlling the fuel injection.

CRDI (Common Rail Direct Injection)

Supply includes Injectors, Pumps, ECU (Engine Control Unit), Sensors and Interconnecting Cables Interface development with vehicle control system


  • Fuel injectors designed to suit existing engine’s cylinder head for retrofit and as an integral design for new engines
  • Design flexibility takes into consideration the number of cylinders, cylinder arrangement, engine speed and power, injection pressure etc.
  • Configurable parameters for adaptation to different engine models

High Pressure Pump

Fuel Injectors

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