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Train Control System (TCS)

Train Control System

Train Control System (TCS) is an advanced and cost efficient SIL4 product ensuring safety of both life and property. TCS is designed to eliminate human error on the part of loco pilot, leading to a catastrophe.

TCS comprises station TCS and Loco TCS.

Station TCS is the network of control unit, radio unit, and an array of passive radio frequency identifier (RFID) tags positioned at all the crucial location s of the station and block section placed in the vicinity of the station.

Loco TCS is an onboard control unit connected to a speed sensor, RFID reader, radio unit, and display unit.

Loco TCS RFID reader is mounted under frame of the locomotive such that it can read the RFID tags fitted between the rails and collect data like unique tag id, direction of travel, unique track identification number (TIN). This data is communicated to the station TCS through the radio link. Station TCS locates the train in its database, based on the RFID tag ID and sends the information like approaching signal aspect, distance to the locomotive TCS.

Loco TCS uses the information provided by the station TCS like approaching signal aspect, movement authority (MA), and collects the speed of the train through sensors mounted on loco axle to determine whether the loco is traveling in safe speed limits. In case, the locomotive is running beyond safe speed an alert is sounded to the loco pilot for 5 seconds before initiating the brakes and bringing the train to a complete stop.

Fail safe modes

  • 2oo2 architecture for unit vehicle
  • 2oo2 architecture and hot standby for station unit
  • Full ATP function
  • Station unit can identify collision situations even if interlocking makes a mistake.
  • Redundant radios for communication

Station TCS control unit interface to station signaling system, TCS VDU unit, and TCS SOS unit for manual override of system

Dipole antenna and modem for UHF (450-500 MHZ) radio communication between loco and station TCS control units.

Vehicle TCS unit in Locomotive control panel and DMI (Driver Machine Interface) 10.4' TFT LCD display on driver desk.

TCS unit antennas mounted on loco roof.

RFID tags installed between the tracks at a maximum distance of 1km.

RFID reader mounted underneath the locomotive.

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